Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is the Glass Half Empty?

The Leader must think the glass is half empty to read the headlines on their article about the City Council Meeting last Monday night.

Others might not see it that way. The Council IS taking action in sending a letter to the involved parties and sending possible ordinances to committee for consideration. Whether their action will stop evictions DOES remain to be seen. Some think that anything they might do at this point would be too late for the residents hoping to stay at Victoria House. That, too, is unsure at this time. Although residents have been advised that the facility would no longer accept Medicaid as payment effective 2/1/08, the residents have NOT received Notices of Discharge.

The article in The Leader had some misleading information (taken from the ALC attorney's letter) regarding the time required for notice. It's not clear how the attorney came up with the three day notice as cited but there is a provision for a resident to be discharged "as soon as practicable" when the health and safety of residents is endangered or when an immediate transfer or discharge is required by a resident's urgent medical needs. A facility MUST give 60 days notice when canceling the Medicaid contract.

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