Friday, January 4, 2008

Meeting with City Council Subcommittee

Below is an excerpt from an email from John Watts regarding the meeting:

Michele Sandoval, Chair of the Council CDLU committee, confirmed that the “Victoria House/just cause eviction” matter is on the CDLU agenda for Janaury 8, at 2PM at City Hall. Council on Dec. 3rd determined to send a letter to ALC and to refer the matter to CDLU to review options.

This also lets you know that Laurie Bebo, CEO of ALC, will be coming to Seattle and will attend the CDLU committee on Jan. 8.

Hey folks, please come to the meeting and show your support for Victoria House residents and others who might in the future be subjected to unfair eviction.

The meeting will be in the first floor conference room of “new” City Hall. Public comment is allowed.

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