Friday, January 11, 2008

Ms. Bebo Meets with City Council Subcommittee

On Tuesday, January 8th the CDLU (Community Development and Land Use) Committee met and the only item on their agenda was the Victoria House/just cause matter. Laurie Bebo attended the meeting and presented information to the council members
and responded to questions from the council members. Council members also listened to comments from the public who were in attendance at the meeting. There was little new information provided by Ms. Bebo. She continues to assert that residents needed more care and the State was unresponsive to requests to move residents. Public comments were mostly to refute or correct statements by Ms. Bebo in her comments and in her letter to the City Council. The council members asked many insightful and pointed questions.

Many thanks to those of you who came to the meeting to show support for the residents of Victoria House and many thanks to the council members for giving their attention to this matter.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, January 22nd at 2:00 pm in the first floor conference room at City Hall.

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