Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bebo Email Address

Crooks & Liars reader Graucho found us Bebo's email address: Laurie Bebo

Anybody want to say something to Ms. Eviction? Keep it legal and as polite as you can manage, but *do* consider sharing opinions with the thirty-six-year-old who thinks evicting grannies is good business.


big john said...

Wayne was spotted late last night in his office. was he trying to avoid being seen and asked questions during the day?

Shunra said...

It is encouraging to see that he is acting like someone who is ashamed of himself. That's a good start.

Castlewood said...

I saw wynne strutting his stuff the other day with his usual arrogant gait. baseball in one hand and bloodied cricket bat in the other. Tut tut.