Monday, November 19, 2007

Is Wayne Still Missing?

Still no sightings of Wayne at Victoria House.  Where could he be?


big hohn said...

wayne appeared late last night at his office. was he avoiding being available for questions during the day?

Daniel Shunra said...

Is Wayne just carrying out orders, or does he actually approve of the evictions?

What is his family name, his function, and what is his contact information? Perhaps he should be approached for a comment?

Sue H. Estes, Regional LCT Ombudsman said...

Wayne's name is Wayne Pattison and he is the Administrator at Victoria House. Wayne was back on the job today and we hear he has been quite ill (hope he's not still contageous). The telephone number at Victoria House is 379-8223.

My personal opinion is that Wayne is not thrilled about the evictions. He will probably be happier to see some residents go than others. His relationship with Kay Harper has definately had it's ups and downs.