Saturday, November 17, 2007

Making a habit of evicting seniors

The grand Bebo purge was announced this June (see linked story, here). From the post on ElderLawAnswers: "Over the next five years, company officials say they plan on having their 1,800 remaining Medicaid recipients move out, either voluntarily as they choose to move into other assisted living facilities or nursing homes, or involuntarily through evictions."

ElderLawAnswers, a website that gives some informed answers to the questions that arise in situations such as the Victoria House Medicaid Purge, suggests ways to respond to an "assisted living discharge" (follow the link for the full article).

Medicare Advocay has some useful lessons about assisted living evictions. Hopeful news: many of the cases where litigation was pursued were settled. Moreover, states (such as Illinois, in 1979) can make rules that prohibit Medicaid evictions.

Comments, ideas? We need all the help we can get on this. Especially those of us who don't plan to be young and healthy forever. If you have information or ideas, leave a comment. Thanks!

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