Saturday, November 17, 2007

Victoria House Eviction - the facts

From the Port Townsend Leader:

Eleven residents of the assisted-living facility were told individually [...] Thursday [November 1st] that they need to move by Jan. 31 because Assisted Living Concepts, a Wisconsin-based national public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is no longer accepting state Medicaid at the Port Townsend facility.
Laurie Bebo,
CEO and President of Assisted Livings Concepts, which runs the place, seems to think that's just a fine business practice. A large chunk of the rest of the human race pretty much disagrees.

Watch this space for action alerts, facts that matter, and links to other organizations working on issues like this one.

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Anonymous said...

My 94 year old mother was evicted from Victoria House with 5 days notice. We had to make other arrangements without assistance. We finally arranged for care at home as we were unable to find other facilities in Port Townsend where her friends can conveniently visit her and we thought this to be of the utmost importance.