Monday, November 19, 2007

There outght to be a law... and some states already have it!

Hullo, visitors from Crooks & Liars! (Thanks for the link, Blue Gal) - and indeed, there are states that don't permit eviction of patients from nursing homes.

We'll hear more from Sue Estes, Regional Ombudsman, but I know of Illinois, which made such evictions illegal in 1979, and Oregon, which did so this year, after the Assisted Living Concepts ghouls evicted every Medicaid patient in the state in one grand move.

Washington should have that law, too. In fact, so should the OTHER Washington.

If you're local to Port Townsend, be at the City Council meeting tonight at 6:30. If you're not, find out the conditions in your state and work to change them. Quick, before you or someone you love needs the laws to be in place.


shelaghc said...

Where would one go to find out if their state had a law against nursing home evictions?

Thank you for the information here, btw.

Anonymous said...

Do YOU plan on growing old?
NOW is the time to act against this kind of treatment toward the elderly.

Do the people running Victoria House have Mothers? Fathers?

This is just sick.

Sue H. Estes, Regional LTC Ombudsman said...

It is difficult to tell you where to find something that is not there. For laws regarding residential care, go to